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Formidable Labs is a team of veteran engineers and designers in Seattle, WA. We develop web apps, train in-house teams, and offer startups and Fortune 500 companies the resources and expertise they need to build products and features quickly. We can integrate into your team, or we can think about your problems so you don’t have to.

  • UI/UX design

    We create clean, intuitive user interfaces. We’re comfortable starting from scratch or working within existing brand guidelines, and we can do everything from accessibility to assets.

  • Full-stack web app development

    We can fine-tune your entire application stack, as well as your build and test process. We leverage modern frameworks like Backbone and React.

  • Node.js engineering at scale

    While other teams were dabbling in Node, we were mastering it. We know how to build and optimize for scale, speed, and maintainability.

  • Team integration

    We can plug in on a feature or own a project—it’s up to you.

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Recent Work

From startups to the Fortune 500, companies of all sizes rely on Formidable to develop high-performance applications that scale to millions of users.

  • The largest retailer in the world relies on Formidable to build their mission-critical e-commerce infrastructure. We helped develop their test and build infrastructure for the new Walmart.com, their in-house framework Thorax, their style guide, and significant portions of their mobile site.

  • Speedtest is a tool that measures Internet performance all around the world. We implemented Speedtest.net’s front end, helped design and develop NetIndex, designed and built the new Speedtest home page, and helped train Ookla’s developers.

  • Haiku Deck helps you build beautiful presentations. We helped them develop and release new features, improve their web app through robust testing, and build a more reliable and secure API for both web and iPad.

  • MuleSoft connects the APIs of big business. We designed and built the API Notebook for MuleSoft, an online editor that allows developers to create interactive tutorials and explore use cases. We also helped them build Anypoint Platform, the only complete platform that connects SOA, SaaS, and APIs.

  • Polis needed design work on a tight deadline. We plugged in to redo their style guide in Sass, build converting landing pages, and ultimately help turn their prototype into a product.

Broad Expertise

We specialize in Node.js, modern front-end frameworks, document databases, and clean, testable code.

  • Node.js

    REST APIs, custom tools

  • Front-end JS frameworks

    Backbone.js, AngularJS, React

  • Data stores

    Elasticsearch, MongoDB

  • Testing

    Front-end, back-end, integration

  • Architecture, infrastructure

    Cloud, scalability, operations

  • Design

    User experience, user interface

  • Mobile

    iOS, responsive design

  • Open source

    Leadership, contribution, meetups

Thought Leadership

Formidable is committed to being a strong member of the JavaScript and Node.js communities.

  • We run meetups

    We organize the Seattle JavaScript and Seattle Node.js meetups, putting us at the center of one of America’s largest JavaScript communities. We also teach workshops both locally and at conferences.

  • We wrote the book on testing

    We wrote Backbone.js Testing, a guide that brings sensible, modern techniques to the traditionally tedious world of front-end testing. We also provide an open-source online compendium of examples and testing resources.

Our Team

  • Ryan Eastridge

    CEO & Founder

  • Ryan Roemer

    CTO & Founder

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