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What we do

We're a team of JavaScript engineers and designers in Seattle, WA. We design and develop JavaScript applications, train engineers at startups and Fortune 500 companies, and improve the modern web with open source software.

  • Training

    We deliver powerful, customized learning experiences for teams of any size. From CompSci undergrads to seasoned employees, we can give your team a solid grasp of both the fundamentals and advanced techniques.

  • Infrastructure

    We provide out of the box infrastructure for new or existing applications to jump-start your team's productivity and performance.

  • Development

    When companies have problems they can't solve in-house they reach out to Formidable. Whether your project is due in two weeks or two years, our team can help.

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Our Work

  • Walmart

    The largest retailer in the world relies on Formidable to build their mission critical application infrastructure. We've also built significant portions of Walmart's mobile website and maintain their in-house framework Thorax.

  • Ookla Speedtest

    We provide training for Ookla's developers and have helped design and develop NetIndex. We are broadly assisting their efforts to migrate other applications away from Flash.

  • Code Fellows

    We crafted the two month long Code Fellows JavaScript Bootcamp curriculum from the ground up. Our work ensures that students have a solid grasp of the language fundamentals and advanced features in a rapidly changing development ecosystem.

  • MuleSoft

    MuleSoft connects the APIs of big business. We designed and built the API Notebook for MuleSoft, an online editor that allows developers to create interactive tutorials and explore use cases for APIs based on MuleSoft's RAML format.

  • Backbone Testing

    We wrote the book on Backbone.js Testing, a guide that brings sensible practices and modern techniques to the traditionally tedious world of frontend application testing. We provide an open source online compendium of examples and testing resources.

Our Community

We're at the center of the Seattle JavaScript development community with our coworking and event space DevLocal. We also run the SeattleJS and Seattle Node.js meetups.

  • DevLocal is a coworking space for software people. A community of developers, designers, UX specialists, devops engineers, and more, with an event space that hosts more than 50 people. If you know how to fork a repo, you'll be right at home.

  • Seattle JS is a monthly JavaScript meetup with over 1,500 members. Monthly events and workshops teach core JavaScript skills as well as advanced topics. Recent sponsors have included Redfin, Facebook, and Twilio.

  • Seattle Node.js is a monthly meetup with over 700 members. Our events cover an ever-expanding array of Node.js topics including cloud application architecture, big data, security, and embedded devices.

Our Team